Not sure if your startup idea will work?

Gain clear-headed certainty to make the critical decision of investing (or not!) your hard-earned cash to build your idea.

5 Simple Steps to Test Product-Market Fit, a guide to evaluate your target market and existing solutions
Part of the How to Start a Startup Series

5 Simple Steps to Test Product-Market Fit

A practical 45-page guide for future founders looking to build a product

Are you on the brink of starting a new venture, but uncertain if your idea will truly take off? Before you begin investing in a minimum viable product, this guide is here to help you uncover the truth and make the all-important decision of whether to pursue your startup dream... or move on to something else.

  • ✅ Uncover the secret sauce used in market research to see if your target customer base has strong market demand and is actually a "good" market to pursue
  • ✅ Specific methods and mindsets to test your product idea in the real world, with potential customers, without writing a single line of code
  • ✅ Concrete examples (with screenshots!) that you can copy wholesale and repurpose to test and sell your idea