Stepboard is a simple, social step tracking app for iOS.

UI/UX Sketch Invision
Xcode Swift 3 Firebase WordPress


Stepboard was designed to be a simple, lightweight step tracking app with a social component to help motivate you to be more active daily.

Rapid Prototyping

The initial goal of this project was to motivate our developer to get more exercise. Oftentimes while working, he would move less than 500 steps a day and on average less than 2,500 step daily.

We decided to spend a hackathon day to see how we could quickly build a MVP for a step tracking app using Apple's Health Kit, Cloud Kit, and Google Firebase and motivate him to move more.

Wireframes and User Experience Mapping

Simple and rapid prototyping to define core features. Creating a minimal wireframe design helps you identify what your core features are for your MVP.

Visual Design Explorations + Website


Just as we released our MVP into the app store, our developer had been hired at FitBit (thanks to this project) and is now working on their fitness apps. Unfortunately, that meant he would be unable to continue working on this project due to conflicts of interest.

But we are very happy with the the outcome and hope that he will continue to stay active while working at his new role. In the meantime, we are testing the MVP with friends and family and will be releasing additional features with others in our development team.

Stepboard is available for iOS

Download the current iteration of Stepboard for your iPhone.