Everyone’s Private Robo Chef

Branding, Corporate Website Design, Marketing Graphics

Building a Cooking Robot

TechMagic is a startup that aims to solve the shortage of personnel in the food industry. We have worked with them since their early days, providing direction and design on their web app platform, corporate site, marketing material, and various graphics needed to pitch their product.

Creating a Corporate Website

The first site was hand-coded in HTML/CSS, but the new site has been redesigned and created with Wordpress. We've also translated everything into English using the Japanese text they provided.

Visuals for All Purposes

We helped TechMagic with any visual elements they needed, including PowerPoint deck designs, marketing graphics, and more.


The current branding was inspired by the CEO's usage of the phrase "creating fireworks" every time he described making something amazing happen. At the same time, we leaned towards a standard style that would look natural in the household -- where we ultimately expected these robots to be.

TechMagic logo iterations