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Idea to Launch: App Design, Branding, Development


Japan attracts many a traveler who first gained interest in the country through popular media. For them, the country can be a treasure trove of fun things to see, shop, and experience. We created Tokyo Otaku to allow subculture fans to tour Tokyo based on their own specific interests.

Finding spots to visit

The initial idea was simply to have a map showing nearby otaku spots to visit.

Typically, a traveler can look at spots near their current location, or plan for a future visit to another location. Showing nearby spots catered to the former, while a saved spots feature would cater to the latter.

Are these spots worth visiting?

Other ideas included "liking" a place, such that a user would be able to gauge the quality of a spot based on the number of likes. Since reviews require more effort, we imagined "likes" as a possible alternative.

Light gamification

We imagined that users might also gain levels based on their app activity and earn fun titles.


Our typography and color scheme is derived from The Best Japan, our travel site. We also drew an original character named "Sakura" to act as a tour guide.

App Development

We developed the iOS app in-house. Although we didn't execute all of our original designs or features, we prioritized launching an MVP and iterating afterwards.

App designs

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Tokyo Otaku is available now.

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