A Personal Data Manager for Japan

Branding, Web Design, and Pitch Design

Power to your data

Younode is a personal data manager startup from Sapporo, Japan. Their first product is a password manager for the Japanese market that allows you to choose where to store your data, rather than forcing you to use their database.

Younode initially came to Skydea for help with creating visuals for their product, and we also helped provide a light rebrand, as well as a redesign of their website.

Pitch Designs

As an early stage startup, Younode was looking for some polish for their product pitch deck. We worked with their existing brand assets to provide better product visuals and style templates for messaging.

Light Rebranding

Based on some user feedback, we helped tone the branding down a little bit, to look a little less pop but preserving their cute shima-enaga bird logo.

Website Redesign

We redesigned their website and key product landing pages in accordance with the new colors and visual style and also helped revamp the messaging in Japanese and English.

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