Who's Skydea?

We are designer entrepreneurs.

We're a creative team working with local and international clients to carry out their vision. We say we do branding, UI/UX, product design, and development, but at the core of it all are empathy for our fellow humans and a passion for problem-solving.


To design a better world through entrepreneurship.

(and to have fun doing it!)

We foster an environment where design leads business.

We believe starting with empathy and creative thinking begets great products and services. When we're not doing client work, we're busy hacking away at our own products. These little endeavours can grow up to be new startups that become part of our core business.

Using design as our compass, we seek to create the change we want to see in the world.

Our Products & Services

We walk the talk. Here's a bunch of things we've built from the ground up.

Creative Tokyo, the largest Tokyo community for designers and creative professionals
Ofuro App, a travel guide to Japanese hot springs and spas
TheBestJapan Travel Blog, a travel guide to our favorite spots and activities in Tokyo and Japan
Tokyo Otaku App, a travel guide for anime fans and gamers to discover the best places to check out in Tokyo
Japanese Language RPG Quest App, a game app for learning Japanese online in a fun and immersive world
Hiragana Sensei App, a beginner Japanese language learner's app to learn hiragana and build vocabulary
Katakana Sensei App, a beginner Japanese language learning app for practicing Japanese katakana
StepWorld App, a social step tracking app

Our Values

A job's a big chunk of life. Why wait to retire to do what you want to do? We seek to develop creative professionals and digital leaders through work, personal growth, and guided efforts in entrepreneurship.

People first; all else will follow.

We’re a team, which means we look out for each other. We believe that a happy team is a productive team. We focus on the whole person, not just their role at work.

Entrepreneurial mindset.

We’re always learning, taking risks, failing sometimes, but getting back up again. We like new ideas and trying stuff out.

Celebrate differences.

We think they make everyone more creative because differences open our eyes to the world, and the basis of good design is empathy. Diversity is an asset.

Design for good.

Does the thing we're making drive society towards a better place? If not, rethink the project. Recognize that with the power of design comes great responsibility.

How we engage businesses

As a design agency, we deliver creative services to organizations in Tokyo and internationally. We are remote-first and take a project-based approach, though we do offer flexible engagement depending on your needs.

Our bread and butter are web design and app design (or the current fancier term, product design), but our team is happy to help with any creative solution your business might need. If it's off our radar, we'll happily refer you to one of our trusted partners.

The design services we typically offer our clients are as follows.

Our expertise

Our expertise lies in launching and growing startups; one of our co-founders has worked for over a decade in Silicon Valley. We've also designed, built, and launched a handful of products and services within just the past few years.

We've also worked with large corporate clients, which means we understand you may have a fixed budget that requires rounds of approval, as well as a small design team that could use some senior guidance. Our team has previously worked with the likes of Rakuten, ActiVision, and various other brand names under NDA.

As a Tokyo design agency, we also have a unique perspective on the Japanese audience and their cultural differences compared to Western ones. Our mostly American creative team is well aware that even graphic design can be vastly different in Japan. One passion of ours is to bridge the cultural gap and help connect Japanese companies with customers outside of Japan.

How much does it cost to get a website designed and built?

What about getting a logo designed? Or maybe branding, or even a new idea for an app?

If you're curious about our rates, it depends on the outcome you're looking to get. We'll let you know upfront that a design project can cost anywhere from $30,000 - $1,000,000 USD, or 3M - 100M JPY. But if your sales are going to quadruple in 12 months through a combination of our strategy and execution, you may as well get paid to hire us. We work with only a handful of clients at a time to guarantee your desired outcome.

If you're ready to invest in your project, we're happy to hop on an intro call, no strings attached. If we don't think it'll be a good fit, we'll be the first to tell you. If we are a good fit, great! Let's unleash our creativity and build something truly amazing.

Visitors welcome

But do drop us a note first! We're likely working from home.

Tokyo Office

Akasaka 9-2-13 #208
Tokyo, Japan 107-0052

Join the Team

Curious? We'd love to get to know you. We may not actively hiring full-time, but opportunities can come up freelance. If you're open, let's chat.

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Company Name Skydea K.K.
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