Business by design.

Skydea is an English-speaking Tokyo design agency.

Headed by designer entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley and Boston, our company specializes in creating delightful user experiences that solve real-world problems.

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Digital Product Design
Web Design
Mobile App Design & Development

Our strengths lie in connecting the dots. Ideas across disciplines, visitors with destinations, cultures with cultures. We collaborate with innovative local companies in Japan and international clients to bring business impact.

Digital Product Design for Startups
Product Design, Web Design, and App Design for the Travel Industry
Design and Development for a Japanese Audience, or going global from Japan

Your Creative Partner

Design for businesses

We've helped startups and enterprises grow using the power of design. Our team of designers puts focus on your target audience so that you can provide unique websites and apps to achieve your business goals. We specialize in designing digital products such as web apps and mobile apps, as well as the development of landing pages for marketing departments.

From idea to launch

We love creating new products and services. We're constantly iterating on our own businesses, which puts us in the right mindset to help you with yours. If you're a new startup, we'll dive deep with you to examine product-market fit. If you're already growing, we'll help you brush up the user experience and the user interface design. We also help develop a marketing strategy to attract the right user through search engines or social media.

Globalize, from or for Japan

Our experience designing websites for audiences who are Western or Japanese can help your business break into a new market. Rather than going with one user experience to fit both languages, we'll help you adapt to cultural expectations. Of course, if language is an issue, we speak both Japanese and English. The web design industry, as well as user expectations of UI design and UX, can be quite different. Our design studio is happy to help bridge the gap.