Making referrals between friends fun and rewarding


Making referrals between friends fun and rewarding

Branding and product website for a Brazilian referral startup.

The Mission

Prontto's founding team was starting a new business in friend-to-friend referrals and was looking for an upbeat brand that emphasized the monetary upsides.

The Outcome

Prontto sports a new hip brand with electric yellow and blue, something that stands out against the ordinary.

The Impact

The landing page and web app have launched, setting the stage for Prontto's startup journey ahead.


Prontto LTDA


  • Branding & Visual Direction
  • Logo Design
  • Landing Page Design

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Prontto brand guidelines

Innovating in the referral marketing space

Prontto aimed to revolutionize friend-to-friend referrals, enabling users to earn commissions by recommending their preferred brands. To kickstart their venture, they sought a vibrant and trendy brand identity that would resonate with their target audience and set the stage for their startup.

Prontto logo and color options

Designing Prontto's look: energetic and profit-focused

Prontto understood the Brazilian market's desire for extra income and wanted to express that in their visual identity. They wanted their brand to capture the excitement of earning more using the dollar sign, wrapped in a trendy design.

Through experimenting with various logos and color schemes, we sought the perfect mix that would appeal to those looking for an energetic and financially rewarding experience.

Prontto brand elements

Designing a startup one-pager

Every startup needs a great landing page to bring in their first users. Our goal was to make a page that looks good, feels lively, and gets people excited about signing up. We used catchy graphics and a simple structure to draw in new users.

Prontto brand guidelines

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