Share your skills with your neighbors

Web Design, Front-End Coding, Graphic Design


Share your skills with your neighbors

Web Design, Front-End Coding, Graphic Design

The Brief

A holistic website redesign. Several landing pages. SEO strategy. Graphic design. Social media ads. Front-end coding and collaboration with development team.

Help a neighbor out


ANYTIMES is a Japanese skill-sharing platform with services ranging from house cleaning to financial consultation. An initial ask for landing pages evolved into a redesign of their whole platform.

It seemed many people were looking for work, but not enough were looking for help. Some customers were also wary of the peer-to-peer platform.

We took a holistic approach with design, content, and strategy with their business goals in mind.

How might we drive more traffic to the site?

How might we improve trustworthiness by design?

How might we optimize engagement and conversion?

Content is king

ANYTIMES's leading channel was their IKEA assembly page, but their search engine ranking wasn't where they wanted it. We worked with their team to research keywords while optimizing the design, text, and page load time.

Ikea landing pages on Anytimes

Getting Results

ANYTIMES jumped to the first page of Google with the optimized content - ranking high as #2 for the targetted keywords, right under IKEA's official assembly page.

Browse, trust, buy

Taking customer experience up a notch

We knew customers questioned whether the site was safe and the services were reliable. To strengthen trust, we overhauled the front page and their key purchase flows to be friendlier to first-time visitors.


ANYTIMES is a platform users flock to for all kinds of help. With a fresh new website design, it's garnered media coverage on national television.


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