Alishan Park

A fresh new website for the next generation of Alishan

Alishan Park

A fresh new website for the next generation of Alishan

A new website for the first Alishan Cafe in Tokyo.

The Mission

The team at Alishan were opening their first new cafe concept store in Tokyo and looking to introduce the brand to a new generation of customers. Our mission was to create its website while staying true to the Alishan brand.

The Outcome

Alishan Park Cafe now has a modern, yet on brand website that helps connect to its international customers in both Japanese and English.

The Impact

The Alishan Park website became the digital gateway to the brand's new cafe concept in Tokyo. It not only introduced the cafe to a wider audience but also helps promote its diverse offerings, from organic dining to Airbnb rentals.


Alishan Pty. Ltd.


  • Branding Adjustments
  • Visual Direction
  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Information Architecture
  • Illustration
  • Development

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Alishan Park Cafe Tokyo's brand vibes

Re-introducing a classic brand

Alishan was already well-known for their organic peanut butter, among other delicacies they provided to Tokyo supermarkets. The cafe inside their iconic red barn in Saitama was thriving, and Alishan Park Cafe was their first foray into Tokyo.

Alishan Park Cafe aimed to be more than just a dining space—it was envisioned as a hub where farmers, friends, and food enthusiasts came together. Thus, the website needed to be a warm invitation to this community, guiding visitors through what Alishan Park Cafe had to offer.

Alishan's brand voice

Finding Alishan's brand voice

Our collaboration began with understanding and defining Alishan Park's brand voice. The essence was clear: kind-hearted and authentic. This voice became the foundation that helped drive the creative direction for the website.

The driving value behind Alishan's voice was: "We are the organic food guru anyone can go to for healthy food choices as well as wholesome connections and events."

A hand-crafted organic style

Staying true to Alishan's core brand style, we crafted a digital experience that was both organic and contemporary. We drew simple illustrations and handwritten lettering, adding a touch of personal warmth to the user experience.

Also, by pairing authentic event and locale photography with playful food and drink cutouts (that dance on hover!), we added a dash of Alishan’s fun-loving spirit into every corner of the site.

Website elements on Alishan Park Cafe Tokyo
Illustrations for Alishan Park Cafe Tokyo

Expressing a spirit of community through illustrations

To sprinkle a bit of family fun and friendliness onto the Alishan Park website, we decided to further develop the peanut character from their peanut butter jars. This little guy, joined by playful drawings of cakes, drinks, and more, added a cheerful and distinctly Japanese vibe to the site. The illustrations helped bring out Alishan’s spirit of community and shared joy in every meal.

Future-proofing with CMS connections

We ensured seamless integration with Alishan Organic's existing CMS on Wordpress, allowing for a unified platform to share events, news, and updates. This way, their staff who are managing the CMS on the existing site wouldn't have to do extra work for the new site.

Alishan Park Cafe Tokyo's news and events

Skydea was the dream team to work with. We used Skydeas service to build our website for our new cafe, shop, and event space. Many elements of the business were not exactly fixed causing delays to our overall website development however they were patient, and understanding throughout the whole process while executing all of our wishes for the website. Skydea will find a way to get your website the way you want it, promptly and most importantly in great spirit.

Alishan website


The new Alishan Park website is now live.

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