Simplifying shipping for e-commerce sellers


Simplifying shipping for e-commerce sellers

A new bilingual marketing website for Ship&co, a powerful shipping tool.

The Mission

Ship&co needed to modernize their website to better showcase their shipping platform to e-commerce sellers, requiring a bilingual English and Japanese site that their marketing team could easily update.

The Outcome

We delivered a sleek, bilingual website with a user-friendly interface, enabling the Ship&co team to effortlessly manage content and keep the site current.

The Impact

The new website has not only enhanced Ship&co's brand image but also serves as a vital tool for their marketing team, attracting attention and facilitating better engagement with a global audience. This streamlined digital presence positions Ship&co strongly in the e-commerce logistics market.




  • Bilingual Website Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Framer Development

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Alishan Park Cafe Tokyo's brand vibes

We approached the Skydea Team for a much-needed update to the Ship&co website, seeking a partner proficient in both Japanese and English, with a deep understanding of the technology we wanted to implement, and the expertise to turn our homepage into a powerful marketing tool.

Streamlining e-Commerce shipping

The team at Ship&co were looking to modernize their website, aiming to showcase their innovative e-commerce logistics platform. Their standout feature, the seamless integration with leading Japanese carriers like Japan Post and Yamato Transport, offered an efficient shipping label solution for sellers.

Ship&co's English and Japanese hero areas

Creating a cohesive brand aesthetic

For Ship&co, we refined their visual identity, harmonizing orange and purple hues from their logo, with purple nodding to their Kyoto roots. Our approach merged existing brand elements, such as icons from their product, with fresh assets, crafting a distinctive style that resonates with their identity and heritage.

Bilingual sections for Ship&co website

Crafting a localized, bilingual experience

To adapt to Japanese preferences, we integrated additional components such as the circle, along with small text elements, catering to their expectation for detail-oriented content. Conversely, for English-speaking audiences, we streamlined the design, eliminating these elements to align with the Western preference for minimalism and clarity.

Ship&co pricing widget to estimate cost based on volume

Interactive pricing tool for easy estimates

On the pricing page, we custom-coded a simple pricing calculator allowing users to enter their monthly shipment volumes to get a price estimate. The calculator also offers the option to switch currencies. To support future updates, we showed the marketing team how to modify the pricing information.

Handing off to the Marketing team

We aimed to empower the marketing team to confidently update the site's content using Framer. To facilitate this, we produced tutorial videos, complete with screencaptures, demonstrating how to navigate and utilize all the essential features of the site.

Website elements on Alishan Park Cafe Tokyo

We are happy with the outcome, having received a site that is not only visually appealing but also versatile and user-friendly, allowing us to easily create landing pages and effectively showcase the Ship&co App. Our heartfelt thanks to the Skydea team for their great work.

Ship&co website


The new Ship&co website is now live.

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