Tokyo Portfolio

Showcasing the finest properties in town

Tokyo Portfolio

Showcasing the finest properties in town

A website redesign helped Tokyo Portfolio jump from near-zero to 30k visitors a month, driving new leads to their real estate agency business.

The Mission

The team at Blackship Realty were looking to transform the Tokyo Portfolio website into the go-to real estate platform for high-end Japanese properties. Our mission was to redesign the existing Wordpress website and revise its information architecture to achieve their ideal web platform.

The Outcome

Tokyo Portfolio now sports a refreshed, professional look, as well as new functionalities that address specific needs of their users.

The Impact

The website redesign opened a fresh channel for attracting new leads. Newly created landing pages have helped their SEO and property listing efforts—translating to qualified leads directly through their website, rather than relying solely on social media.


Blackship Realty Inc.


  • Branding Adjustments
  • Visual Direction
  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Information Architecture
  • Wordpress Development

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Tokyo Portfolio's brand vibes

An opportunity for lead generation

Blackship Realty, a budding real estate startup in Tokyo, has been making waves in assisting foreigners to discover and rent luxury apartments in Japan. Their YouTube channel, Tokyo Portfolio, was flourishing, offering viewers a glimpse into the world of high-end Japanese properties.

However, their website had been dormant for a while and was not reflecting the same success. With the YouTube channel's growing popularity, Blackship Realty recognized the potential of their website as a tool for lead generation. Each property listing, when transformed into a webpage, could significantly expand their reach.

Tokyo Portfolio discovery session with the Blackship Realty team

Finding Tokyo Portfolio's north star

During an intensive discovery session at their Hiroo coworking space, we delved deep into Blackship Realty's brand essence and their three-year objectives.

A user journey for Lauren, one of their user personas

To understand their customers, we analyzed their past clientele, mapping out their user journeys and pinpointing the lows and highs of their current experience.

Crafting a unique brand identity

While Tokyo Portfolio already had a logo, we had room to further develop the brand's visual identity. We rapidly explored various vibes and aesthetics that could resonate with their brand. This culminated in a comprehensive Brand Guidelines document to ensure uniformity in all future marketing endeavors.

Tokyo Portfolio emerged with a unique brand persona: approachable yet sophisticated, contemporary with a hint of avant-garde. While it embraces a playful side, it never wavers from its commitment to luxury and exclusivity.

Tokyo Portfolio's brand guidelines
Tokyo Portfolio UI design

Designing for the Customer

The visual revamp was complemented by an intuitive information architecture, crafted to resonate with the specific needs of their target demographic.

Seamless Integration

We seamlessly integrated the new designs and incorporated the desired functionalities into their existing WordPress site. This ensured that the platform was not only visually appealing but also robust and user-friendly.

To future-proof Tokyo Portfolio, we established guidelines and components that would facilitate growth while maintaining brand integrity.

Tokyo Portfolio's UI design

I'm delighted to share that our Tokyo Portfolio website has been thriving since its launch. The traffic has consistently been on an upswing, moving from nearly no visitors to a 30k views per month. We are aspiring to reach even higher goals.

Tokyo Portfolio website


The redesigned Tokyo Portfolio website is now live.

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