Design for Japan, from an International Perspective.

Skydea is an English-speaking design team based in Tokyo. We love to help bridge this unique culture and language with the West.

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Cross-Cultural Design & Strategy for Websites and Mobile Apps

Our experiences in working with Japan and the West inform our designs. We embrace cultural diversity and seek to bridge divides.

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Your Creative Partner

(who knows what it's like to work in Japan)

We're expats. We know what it's like being a foreigner in Japan, and how tough it can be to integrate into a different culture. We might be a good fit if you're any of these:

Japanese Government Agencies

Are you looking to help or reach foreigners in Japan? To explain in ways that they might more intuitively understand? We're happy to assist.

Looking to Enter Japan

Is your company expanding into Asia, with Japan as a potential launch site? Customer behavior and expectations can be very different here, and we can help you navigate.

What our clients say

Skydea did everything from strategy to coding, and had excellent communication. They were not only fast but flexible, and we were able to massively improve our website's UX/UI and SEO. We're seeing SEO growth and it's only been a few months! We'd love to continue working together!


We craft fun ways to connect with Japanese culture.

Waffle the Corgi stickers


Waffle the Corgi Stickers

Hiragana Sensei App


Hiragana Sensei

Katakana Sensei App


Katakana Sensei

More for Tourism

Discover, learn langauge, and track your steps. As our team explored the depths of Japan, we've built apps and websites to fuel our fun.

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